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Press Coverage

SF_Gate_logoSF GATE, November 13, 2013 – Carol Pogash and Dan Detzner report from the 4th birthday party for “beautiful, charming Scarlett Abrams.” Forget bouncy houses, pinatas, magicians or clowns, and certainly say goodbye to pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, which is probably banned by PETA nowadays. This was a yoga party, with “about 30 squiggly four-year-olds” stretching themselves into downward dogs and what kids’ yoga instructor Michelle Wing called “developmentally appropriate exercises.”

IYK_BayAreaParent9X12The Newest Twist on Yoga is the cover story in Bay Area Parent, September 2012, where It’s Yoga, Kids is featured!

Why Yoga for Kids?

Busy lifestyles are commonplace for today’s kids due to a combination of factors including varied caregivers, multiple activities, academic and social pressure and media influences. As a result, many kids are “maxed out” and busy parents are seeking ways to chill out and have fun with their kids.  Yoga helps tone the body and relax the mind. It’s a beneficial exercise for pregnant women, children, youth and adults of all ages and abilities.  Perhaps the most valuable benefit of yoga for kids is the skill of self-regulation, the ability to manage one’s energy up or down.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a 5,000 year-old scientific system, designed to empower health, happiness, and a greater sense of self. The word yoga means “union” and refers to the oneness of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not a religion. It supports and enhances all cultural, racial and religious backgrounds.  Beyond the well-known benefits such as increasing strength, flexibility, and concentration, yoga is non-competitive and fun!  The benefits of yoga for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults include:

Body • Assists neuromuscular-development  • Encourages midline crossing (motor development on both sides of the  body)  • Develops a strong and flexible body  • Increases balance, body awareness and coordination  • Reduces injuries and improves performance  • Improves digestion and strengthens the immune system  • Relaxes the body and promotes better sleep

Mind • Relieves tension and stress  • Increases concentration, focus and attention span  • Promotes thinking and memory  • Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness  • Calms and quiets the mind  • Reduces stress and anxiety  • Balances energy (high or low)

Soul • Builds confidence and self-esteem  • Enhances team skills and social interaction  • Develops discipline and self-control  • Inspires respect for self and others  • Enables social interaction and self-expression  • Encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle  • It’s playful and fun!


As of 2004, obesity has surpassed smoking as America’s #1 health crisis.  – Wikipedia

Children involved in regular exercise earn better grades and have better social skills than those who are not.  -American Psychological Association

Participation in all types of physical activity strikingly declines as age or grade in school increases.  -U.S. Surgeon General’s Report

85% of all five year old children in the United States cannot pass a basic physical fitness test.  -Senate Committee on Children

Kids love sports!  Whether its soccer, track, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, or dance, when children are growing, their psyche and bones are soft and vulnerable. Often, competitive sports and performing arts that work the body hard can result in injury, and/or emotional burn-out from stress or over-scheduling.  – Sports Illustrated

Researchers have shown that autogenic training (mediation and deep breathing focused on removing tension from the body) and deep relaxation changes the surface tension of the skin.  And it is impossible to have negative thoughts when in a totally relaxed state.  – Yoga Journal