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How To Make Wishes Come True in 2023

The last week of the year is a time for rest and reflection. It’s quite an exercise to remember all that happened during the year. I go through each month mentally to remind myself of where I’ve been and where I’m going for the year ahead.

This year started with the significant loss of my beloved 100 year old Granny. I was the privileged one to be there for her last breath in the night. February was a blur, but we celebrated her life in March. The spring ushered in an intern from France who helped me launch the IYK® Sports training program. In summer, my daughter was home from college. We hosted IYK® Camps and traveled to see my parents in SoCal. Fall was a flurry with new school year programs starting, and now, holidays are here. And the birthdays…yes, another year.

It seems, the older I get the faster time goes. Did my wishes for the year come true? This brings me to the idea of intentions and goals. Some things stay the same for me year after year and some things change. Some things are in my control, and some things aren’t. Did I do my best? Yes, I did, with what I had. Do you I have more to do. OH YES, I DO!

In yoga, we often set intentions at the beginning of class. An intention is an inwardly expressed idea of what you want for this experience like to stretch, release tension or feel stronger and calmer. Intentions are open-ended, they include a bit of wishing and wonder.

Goals are often expressed outwardly, they are specific and measurable. They’re also more absolute, you either reach them, or you don’t. How do you make your wishes come true? Through action. It’s not enough to know what you want, you must actively move toward it. Even if you fall short, you are getting closer.

For me, I hold intentions for myself, and my relationships, as well as goals, both short-term and long-term, so I can make my wishes come true. This is the SMART way to achieve and lead like a STAR! How about you?

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