Can Yoga Prevent Bullying? (Part 1 of 3)

What if Yoga could prevent bullying? Let’s explore 3 practical possibilities of how yoga can help victims, and even the bully!

Body Awareness. The number one reason bullies choose their victims is based on perceived strength or weakness in physical appearance. Sure, it’s less likely to be bullied if you are a kid with a large frame, but it’s not size that matters, how you hold your body. No matter what size you are, if you look like “The Wimpy Kid”, your chances of being a target are much higher. 

Yoga teaches kids how to stand tall and strong (Mountain Pose) no matter how big or small you are physically, or how scared you may feel inside. Have you ever met a powerful two year old you wouldn’t want to mess with?!  Your posture alone can ward off potential threats. 

Can Yoga Prevent Bullying?  Part 2 explores another way to avoid being a victim of bullying, and Can Yoga Prevent Bullying?  Part 3, we’ll explore how to help the bully.

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