Our Studio

Our kid-friendly studio transformed for your special celebration.

Each customized 90-minute event includes:

  • A festive environment (banner and balloons) 
  • Event flow from start to finish (+ 30 minute set up time)
  • A celebratory Yoga class
  • Free play, games and dance party
  • A reading or appreciation circle

Optional Add-ons:

  • Unique and useful party favors / $ 10 each
  • Healthy organic kids snacks & drinks / $ 50
  • Colorful compostable tableware / $ 50
  • Add'l party time for every 30 minutes / $ 50

You invite guests and bring the cake so it’s just the way you like it!

Price: $ 450 for up to 20 participants

Your Place

We’ll bring the Yoga to you!

Plan on a 50 minute experience with us, class time varies based on age and other party attractions.

Price: $ 250 for unlimited participants

Plan Your Party

  1. Contact us to confirm your party date and details
  2. Confirm the total number of guests one day in advance
  3. Pay a $ 100 deposit (non-refundable + balance due at the event)

Why Party with IYK®?

It's Yoga Kids® Parties are a unique and fun way to celebrate your special day! Create your treasured event at our studio or your place. Easy for parents, and super fun for kids, our events work well for any age from:

  • your baby’s 1st birthday to 
  • your teenager’s 18th birthday 
  • along with baby showers, special events & sports celebrations

Celebrate someone special with us

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