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Learn specific systems for teaching Yoga to children and adolescents. Participants practice methods to overcome the unique challenges of teaching kids at every age that are appropriate for healthy development as well as how It's Yoga Kids® can help build community.

Key Applications:

  • Kids Yoga Certification & Kids Yoga Business
  • Advanced Children's Yoga Teaching Credential
Certification Programs
Warrior 1 Essentials (IYKC)
IYK® Warrior 1 - Essentials Certification
8 Days
Self-study with Live coaching
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The IYK® Warrior 1 - Essentials Certification course is for leaders (parents, educators, pediatric professionals, coaches and instructors living or working with ages 3-13 years.

This 8-module course includes:
  • Science, philosophy and practicality of mindfulness, movement, and meditation
  • The IYK® System for everyday stress to create healthy habits and happy futures
  • Specific "do's and don'ts" to teach safely and successfully
  • Behavior management skills to support a positive, non-competitive environment
  • The business of Kids Yoga - integrating your work in the community
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We customize 2-6 hour programs for parents, caregivers, pediatric professionals, classroom teachers, educators, coaches and performing arts instructors to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into daily routines at home, at school and in sports and activities.

Key Applications:

  • Parent Education & Competitive Advantage
  • Professional Development & Continuing Education (CEUs)
Workshop Topics
IYK® Happy Homes
Home is where the heart ♥ is. Kids and parents Go With the Flow together to create a happier household. Learn about our Zen Parenting approach to feel more calm, connected and respected.

In this course, parents will:
  • Explore the science, philosophy and practicality of movement, meditation and mindfulness for all ages, and diverse abilities
  • Gain a solid understanding of a variety of parenting styles including Zen Parenting
  • Discover movement and mindset techniques for preventative and prescriptive situations at home

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