3 Reasons Yoga Benefits Young Performing Artists...

More and more performers (Dancers, Actors, Singers, and Musicians, etc) are looking to Yoga to help them balance the demands on their bodies and minds, and to improve their performance in the arts.  

  1. Body. Problems include:
  • Dancers: Excessive external rotation can cause long term damage
  • Actors/Singers: limited projection and or endurance
  • Musicians: Sitting and chronic static positions create imbalance

Yoga can balance the body to allow for full expression in the arts. Internal rotation, breath work to maximize oxygen intake and distribution, and oppositional movement can free the body from the constraints of various art forms.

  1. Mind. Often dance, especially ballet, and music is about perfection. This goal, which is not truly achievable, can damage self-esteem and too often can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms like eating disorders and substance abuse. (stat)

Shifting the mindset toward excellence is far healthier than the in-achievable and constant disappointment of failing to reach perfection. Yoga builds self-care into the system so young minds can manage the demands of the art form and maintain a growth mindset.

  1. Heart. So much of performing successfully is being fully connected to the feeling of expression. It’s what creates flow, and flow builds confidence. That balance of effort and ease that creates so much joy as a performer and equally for spectators.

Yoga helps tap into that goodness so it can translate into everything a young performer does. It helps them overcome anxiety so they shine through and through.

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