Enough is Enough - Tipping Points

Nearly everyone I know was mentally, physically and emotionally ready to end 2020. We welcomed 2021 with hopes and excitement releasing that which no longer serves us. There was an energetic shift, and then we woke up to the same reality with Covid cases on the rise and stay at home orders in place. On day 6, things went sideways with the storming of the Capitol by an angry mob. Distraught and in disbelief, I wanted a 7-day money back guarantee on 2021.

That day was enough for many to stop following the path of an autocrat. That day took far too long to arrive for those who saw it coming the day Donald Trump was nominated, or as some now believe, hi-jacked the Republican party. It’s up to each individual to find their own tipping point - when they fall or choose another side. It’s often frustrating to watch and wait. Yet everyone is entitled to their own opinions, stories, choices and consequences. When is enough enough?

What’s this have to do with Yoga? There is a tipping point on the mat too. Every pose is designed to help find your edge, to feel it; it’s usually challenging. People often push, pull, grip or hold on with clenched teeth. That creates strain. To find flow, we must breathe, allow and be patient. Sometimes we find the edge, tip and fall. When that happens, we get back up. That’s what happened that Wednesday when the insurrection was cleared, we found our edge and democracy continued.

In order to grow, finding your personal edge is what matters whether you’re on the mat or moving through life. How do we stop and breathe through resistance? How can we build strength, flexibility and balance in our bodies, minds and hearts? That’s why we do Yoga. It’s an art and a science that helps each of us define ourselves and build skills to manage our edges and our tipping points.

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