Happy Holiday Health

Happy Holiday Health

Holidays bring their own energy. It’s a blend of excitement and joy often with overwhelm and even dread. To Do Lists are long and much falls on moms. Moms who are still navigating an ongoing pandemic with new variants emerging.

The pandemic affects people's mental health. More than 40% of Americans admitted to feeling depressed. Physicians are calling the mental health crisis among kids a national emergency. Young girls and children of color are particularly at risk. 

While holidays bring a brighter spirit, here are some resources just in case it doesn’t feel that way for someone close to you:

  1. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers free and confidential support for people in distress.
  2. The Child Mind Institute provides clinical care and supports community programs.
  3. Yoga brings helping hearts for people who are struggling together. 

Breathing, moving and resting for as few as 10 minutes is recommended to diminish the demands of the season. While the holidays may come and go, the pandemic lingers on, and its effects have impact for years to come. One thing you can do is show up with heart and help for parents and kids who are suffering. 

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