New Year Resolutions for Kids

How to Create New Year Rituals with Kids

We’re letting go of 2021 and opening up to 2022. I find endings and beginning are an ongoing theme working with kids of all ages.

How can we create a healthy cycle of transitioning from the end of an experience to the beginning of another? We suggest the exercise of reflections and intentions. It’s an easy and fun way to remind ourselves what’s happened and to decide what we want to have happen going forward.

“No amount of regret changes the past. No amount of anxiety changes the future. Any amount of gratitude changes the present.” ANN VOSKAMP

Reflections - look backward

1. Ask your child what they remember most about the year past. It’s helpful to use holidays or special events as reminders.

2. Draw or write down their favorite experiences. Then, celebrate them again to validate the positive feelings they had. If difficult memories arise, lean into those feelings too. Sometimes we can look back and laugh about a difficult moment. Sometimes we may still have challenging feelings to process. Help your child feel safe to express their emotions…always better out than in!

3. Answer the question: What am I leaving behind in 2021? This prompts us to think about what is not working anymore and to let it go.

Intentions - look forward

1. Talk to your child about their hopes and dreams for the year ahead. What do they want most? You may have plans for a family trip they can look forward to. Entertain all ideas no matter how impractical. This should be wild and fun!

2. Draw or write down what they want most. Intentions are different than goals. Goals have a specific outcome. An intention is an idea of what you want to experience. For example: I intent to be kind. My goal is to share with my sibling.

3. Answer the question: What am I looking forward to in 2022? Create something new and keep doing what is working well.

Have fun with this annual exercise. Happy New Year to your family! XOM

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