Hey! It's Your Birthday Yoga Party

Hey! It's Your Birthday Yoga Party

I’ve thrown over 200 kids yoga birthday parties over 17 years and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Here’s how to make your child’s birthday a unique and fulfilling event for everyone!

It can be FANCY!

For some, there is a lot of interest to present an event in a certain way. When we opened the studio, a yoga party was a super unique and a cool differentiator from other kids’ parties. We had special themes, party planners, catering, and some very fancy party favors. The kids had a great time and parents did too!

It can be simple.

For others, keeping it simple is where it’s at. I’ve hosted yoga parties at the park, or on the driveway, where kids are pinning the tail on the donkey or swinging at a piñata. And that was equally fun! Celebrating a birthday at home or outdoors can be easier and festive.

It’s all about the energy!

In either set up, or something in between, kids are excited (and often overwhelmed) and parents can be stressed. The key to a successful event is relaxed parents and burning through the excitement of celebrating - methodically. That’s what I figured out. There is an arc of energy and I know how to take that rainbow ride from one side to the other. Families leave with calm or completely exhausted kids at our customized events. The best compliment is - kids had a blast and it was easy for parents to host. YAY!

P.S. It’s my birthday on September 13 and I celebrated with my own yoga party including friends, champagne and chocolate. YUM!

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