Teen Mental Health Wellness Day Yoga Works

Waving Red Flags for Teen Mental Health

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March 2 is World Teen Mental Wellness Day and there’s lots to talk about like…poor mental health is a problem for adolescents. Results from the CDC's 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey show startling trends.

Fifty. Seven. Percent.

  • Nearly 3 in 5 teen girls (57%) said they felt "persistently sad or hopeless." That's the highest rate in a decade.
  • And 30% said they have seriously considered dying by suicide — a 60% jump from a decade ago. Almost 70% of LGBTQIA+ students felt the same. The stats are worse for students of color.

"Our teenage girls are suffering through an overwhelming wave of violence and trauma, and it’s affecting their mental health," said Kathleen Ethier, director of the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health.

Experts counted social media and COVID-19 among the key causes for teens’ negative mental states. Now, health officials say investing in school programs could help. Enter yoga.

Yoga is preventative medicine for teens to build the healthy habits they need to meet today’s challenges. Mindfulness practice, movement, meditation and mindset work fortifies the growing adolescent brain and body to ensure they have the skills they need to succeed.

And it works! 100% of IYK Teens who practice yoga once a week, or more, report feeling “healthier & happier.” Our goal is to make yoga more accessible at school to boost its positive impact for every teen to strengthen, stretch and stress less.

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