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Top 3 Ways To Celebrate Mom

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The 100 days of May is upon us. It’s comprised of Mother’s Day and often hectic end-of-school year demands. Perhaps no coincidence, it’s also Mental Health Awareness Month.

Maybe AI can help you take items off your To Do list? Even with the overwhelm, to manage it all, I do yoga. It helps me handle whatever is coming at me more clearly, calmly and collectively.

Recently, I was struck by these lines in Maggie Smith’s poem:

“Let me love the world like a mother.”

“Let me be tender when it lets me down.“

I love the way she is attuned to the simultaneous heartbreak and wonder of the world -- and her determination to keep on loving it. Isn’t that what we do for our children? Love them no matter what, and they love us too, even when they say, “I hate you!”

For all the giving you do, Mother’s Day is for you to ask for what you want and to receive it or maybe even be surprised! What do you want?

  1. Breakfast in bed - make sure it comes with a clean kitchen!
  2. Alone time so you can refresh and renew - hello spa day!
  3. Activity time so you can play together - hello Mother’s Day family yoga event!

Whatever you do, I hope it’s just for you. Listen to the Hella MomVersations podcast to learn more about how moms like to celebrate. Happy Mother’s Day!

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